SafeLine FD4-CAN red display, surface mounting with speaker


The CAN floor display with voice messages in a compact size

The FD4 CAN is a CAN open-compatible floor display and voice announcer that displays floor designations, directional arrows, text messages and plays voice messages. This version of the floor display is intended for surface mounting and comes with an integrated speaker. A quick mounting option with only two screws that combines all parts into an all-in-one solution.

This floor display has a very compact size and suits most needs. The unit’s integrated 2 MB memory can store up to 240 seconds of voice messages, which means a great deal of freedom for the users to tailor the unit’s messages. If more than one FD4 is used in the same system, only one main unit has to be programmed for the rest of the units in the same floor display-system to show the same information, this because the units share the same bus system. This simplifies programming and configuration of the unit, something that is done easily with the CANwizard software.

If needed, it is also possible with the FD4 to create a floor display-system that is completely stand-alone from the controller by connecting a pulse encoder to the FD4. The pulse encoder is then mounted on the roof of the lift car and a cord is installed from the top of the lift shaft down to the lift pit, enabling the FD4 to read the signals about the position of the lift car in the shaft.

Technical data


Product files

Current consumption: 50 mA

Inputs: 20-30 VDC positive voltage.

Power supply: 24 V

Size (HxWxD): 90 x 155 x 31 mm

Weight: 350 g

Quick installation

Stand-alone floor display-system possible

Easy configuration

2 MB internal memory

Built-in speaker

Simple mounting with only two screws