Micro lift controller – macro control. The touch-based lift controller developed for CANopen-Lift

Developed for the modern European lift market, THOR NX-T is equipped with all the features lift technicians might need from a lift controller – giving users macro control of their lift system and preparing it for the years to come.

Using a touch-based graphical interface, THOR is very intuitive even for the inexperienced technician, displaying all nodes and CANopen bus messages in a clear readable text form. Edit inputs and outputs with just a few swipes and get the job done quicker. Having a very technically advanced and at the same time a very simple to use lift controller, means several unique benefits. It does not only mean a more cost-effective and time-saving system, but it also means a safer choice for lift passengers & owners, having a system more easily understood and maintained by technicians. 

As a lift controller developed for CANopen, you can also be sure to really have an independent system, giving you more freedom to work with exactly the components you prefer, and not being confined to only components from a specific manufacturer.

THOR NX-T comes in several different versions, so you can be sure to only get exactly what you need.  Contact us today for ordering and more information on the different versions. For the latest information on versions of software and hardware, please visit THOR Engineering's website.

Technical data


Product files

Current consumption: 2 - 4 W

Inputs: 21 x 24 V, 2 x 230 VAC

Size (HxWxD): 160 x 84 x 73 mm

5” intuitive LCD touch display

Easily keep check of active components

Easy-to-orientate graphical interface

256 MB RAM and 256 MB Flash on board

2 CAN-bus interfaces

Built for CANopen-Lift

Optional extras – tailor
NX-T's hardware to your specific needs