SafeLine UP2 emergency power backup


Small, yet powerful, battery backup for SafeLine 12V products.

Ensures continued operation of emergency telephone, emergency light and intercom in the event of a power outage. The unit is protected against short circuiting as well as overheating and it has a built-in NO/NC relay for controlling an emergency light.

UP2 is delivered in a robust metal housing with key holes for screw mounting. Two self-drilling screws are also included for easy mounting.

Please note that a complete discharge of the battery results in capacity loss and a battery replacement is recommended.

Technical data


Product files

Battery: 12V, 0.8Ah

Max output current: 920mA

Power supply: 230VAC, max 1,5A

Size (HxWxD): 101 x 133 x 54mm

Weight: 900g

12V UPS for up to four SafeLine MX2/SL1 or one SL2

230VAC supply voltage

Battery 0.8 Ah

12V relay output (NO/NC) for emergency light

Robust metal housing for wall or car roof mounting

Self-drilling screws included