DL-Card Monitoring Card


DL-Card Monitoring Card

Monitoring card to send detailed information from the lift to SLCC. The alarms can be rerouted from SLCC as e-mails and/or SMS.

  • All inputs can be individually confi gured to send alarms after a preset number of count impulses or a specific time delay.
  • The DL-Card is compatible with the SafeLine 3000.
  • All alarms will be received and presented in SLCC with time, date, ID-code, type of failure and address.
  • Two 230VAC tolerant inputs and seven 24VDC tolerant inputs for start counters, photocells, fire alarm, overload etc. 

Technical data

Product files

Current consumption: max 50mA

Power supply: 24VDC

Size (HxWxD): 96 x 89 x 50,75mm

Weight: 250 g