Let lifts come to you – SafeLine launches ORION & LYRA 🚀

Launching now: SafeLine’s digital platform and innovative hardware for remote monitoring – making digital modernisations accessible for all lifts without replacing anything in the existing installation.

Not long ago, you had to be on-site to really know the status of your lifts. With ORION & LYRA, SafeLine is aiming to change all of this – turning regular lifts into smart lifts with a quick installation time. After five years of development and pilot trials all over Europe – resulting in numerous refinements of the algorithm, interface and hardware – SafeLine can proudly announce the full release of the platform and device.

– Today marks the beginning of something new for SafeLine, as we are fully entering into the world of monitoring and IoT – creating smart solutions for future-proof digitalisation of buildings, says Geert Maurissen, Group Managing Director for the SafeLine Group.

Let lifts come to you with ORION


SafeLine ORION is the digital platform gathering all your SafeLine devices into one accessible galaxy of products – letting lifts come to you. SafeLine LYRA is the device that will launch all lifts into the cloud – enabling them to be monitored from anywhere in the world and give indications on how the lift is doing – regardless of the age, brand, or condition of the lift. 

– With SafeLine LYRA, we make modernisation accessible by offering it for all lift brands, regardless of age, in a cost-effective way. We provide an opportunity to take advantage of smart solutions without having to replace anything in the existing installation, says Johan Öhrn, Customer Service Director and Product Owner of ORION at SafeLine.




Increase time-efficiency by reducing callouts


Studies show that up to 25% of all callouts that lift companies get are working-on-arrival-runs, meaning that once the technician arrives on-site, the lift is working. With LYRA, hopes are that these numbers can be reduced – creating a positive impact on not just the costs and time-efficiency of lift companies – but also reducing the carbon footprints.

– I usually say that a practical example of how LYRA pays off is that the number of working-on-arrival-runs are reduced from day one. You get an overview of the situation without having to go out on site. This not only reduces costs but is also better for the environment, says Johan Öhrn.




“We see it as a long-term partnership with our customer and we want you to be along for the full journey and take part of all the future features of ORION.”




 installation-av-safeline-lyra (w378_h213_u).pngmap-guy (w378_h213_u).png

Own the hardware & data – subscribe to the platform



As of today, customers can contact their local SafeLine office to get started with gathering their lift data with ORION and LYRA.

– Today we are ready to launch. We know we can give added value to everyone using the system, but ORION will never be fully completed. It’s an always expanding galaxy. That’s also why it’s a subscription. It ensures that you will always have the latest functionality and updates available. We see it as a long-term partnership with our customer and we want you to be along for the full journey and take part of all the future features of ORION, says Johan Öhrn.

Want to get on board smart solutions for your lifts with SafeLine ORION and LYRA? Contact your local SafeLine office today to get started with ORION.

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