SafeLine GL1 GSM gateway 4G VoLTE
SafeLine GL1 GSM gateway 4G VoLTE

SafeLine GL1 GSM gateway 4G VoLTE


The future-proof GSM module with a capacity of up to 4G VoLTE

Product description

The compact GSM module for connections up to 4G VoLTE with backward capability to 2G and 3G. Replaces the telephone line and can be placed in the machine room, the lift shaft or on the roof of the lift car. The GL1 is delivered in a robust metal housing with key holes for screw mounting which is done easily with the supplied two self-drilling screws, or alternatively mounted on the supplied DIN-rail.

The GL1 4G VoLTE has the capability to revert back to 3G & 2G should the 4G VoLTE signal become weak or lost, even during the middle of a call. Even if there is no 4G connectivity in your area as of right now*, you can still rely on the 2G and 3G connections until full 4G coverage is implemented. With this functionality at hand, the risk associated with low or lost signal reduces significantly, making 4G VoLTE an attractive and future-proof option.

An antenna with a three-meter cable is also supplied with the product, but is easily extended with the help of a 5- or 10-meter extension cable if reception is limited.

NOTE: network services may differ between countries and/or service providers. Please verify with your service provider beforehand that your subscription offers 4G VoLTE services. For more information about SafeLine’s 4G VoLTE products, please contact your local SafeLine office.

Product sheet

Technical data

Antenna connection: SMA

Current consumption: 12 VDC

IP: IP20

Power supply: 10-30

Size (HxWxD): 81 x 121 x 24 (H x W x D)

Weight: 220 g


Connections for 2G, 3G and 4G

Mobile services for up to 9 devices

Compact size

Micro SIM

Faster transfer of data with VoLTE

Superior call quality with VoLTE

Antenna included

Product files