Tech support’s 5 best tips & tricks for all SafeLine installers

Our fantastic technical support is there for you when things get tricky or complicated. Here are their five best tips and tricks on how to make your everyday life as an installer easier and more efficient.

Did you know that when you choose SafeLine as your partner in lift safety, you get a lifetime of technical supportincluded with the product? Yes, it's true! To highlight this, we took the opportunity to ask our technical support heroes all over Europe about their best tips and tricks to all SafeLine installers out there. 

Here's what they answered:


Tech support’s 5 best tips & tricks for all SafeLine installers


#1. Bring a multimeter

A multimeter tool is always good to have with you out on-site to keep track of your equipment. For example, you can use it to instantly see if a battery is getting old or if an electrical socket isn't working properly. In addition to being a handy in finding out the fault, it's also very helpful for the support technicians for proper troubleshooting.


#2. Keep yourself updated on version numbers

Before you go on-site or call up support, it's always a good idea to check that you have the latest version of software and firmware for your equipment. This to ensure technical features and that everything matches with what the support technician is seeing. You can find a guide on how to update the firmware for the SL6/GL6 here.


#3. Configure your device before going on-site

Start up the device in the office and do the necessary programming before you go on-site. That way, you can focus entirely on installing the equipment once you're on site and not worry about remembering specific parameters or other details. Some technicians even prefer to keep a permanent device in the office to ensure that all settings and parameters are always in sync with each other, such as current phone numbers. Save the configuration locally in the LYNX app for a super quick start-up of new devices.


#4. Have you checked the manual?

With all SafeLine products, a quick start guide is always included, but did you know that you always have the full manual available via the LYNX app? Go to your current product and click in the top right corner to access the full manual. It contains a lot of important information that can be very helpful: both for new installers and for those with experience installing SafeLine products before.


#5. Anything technical on your mind? Give us a call.

Although SafeLine products are very easy to install, there can always be questions or confusion about technical things. If you are in the slightest doubt about something – call our technical support and they will guide you through the problem. No question is too simple or too complicated for them. After all, it's part of your lifetime SafeLine support included with your product.


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