SafeLine NOVA – a new touch-based experience

Launching now: the next-generation of the CANopen-Lift touch controller from SafeLine.

The power of open solutions is in your hands

In 2017, SafeLine broke new ground when launching the CANopen-Lift controller THOR – one of the most innovative lift controllers to this day. Today, SafeLine is proud to announce that we’re launching the next generation of our CANopen-Lift controller, based on the same ground-breaking software: SafeLine NOVA.


Same functionality – next-generation hardware

NOVA is the next generation of SafeLine’s CANopen-Lift touch controller series and is equipped with a future-proof, full 5,5-inch TFT touch display and integrated IO board for up to 16 connections. Bringing you the same functionality and compatibility as before – but with next-generation hardware designed for the future. For ordering, please contact our CANopen Competence Center.

  • Linux-based software
  • Full 5,5” intuitive TFT touch display 
  • Integrated IO board
  • Remote monitoring through SafeLine ORION
  • 256 MB RAM and 256 MB Flash onboard 
  • 2 CAN bus interfaces 
  • In accordance with EN 81-20/50 
  • Available for safety chain 230, 110, 48 and 24 V


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Clarification regarding Thor Engineering’s E2


In 2017, Thor Engineering published an open-source controller schematic in the Next Group, this for members to manufacture their own controller based on the platform so they could make use of the Thor Engineering software. Early on, SafeLine used this platform as a base for the THOR controller. As a response to the shortage of processors last year, Thor Engineering started work on bringing a new design into the Next Group based on a different processor, with the goal of it running Thor software. This software resulted in the E2 – running on the different processor. 

SafeLine NOVA uses the original processor, as there is no longer a shortage of the original processor.